Star Tribune “Fragments for 35W Bridge” Archive


The original Variety section front page of The Star Tribune featuring Todd’s work Fragments for the 35W Bridge, written in conjunction with a public art installation, Project 35W. This spread includes thirty-five poems of thirty-five words each, exploring the themes of death, loss, change, and hope. These poems can also be found in Todd’s third poetry collection, Tough Luck.

From The Star Tribune:

“St. Paul poet Todd Boss crossed the Interstate 35W bridge without a thought 20 minutes before it collapsed on Aug. 1, 2007. He’s been thinking about it ever since. To honor the 13 killed five years ago, and to mark what he has called “a huge civic tragedy,” Boss has written a series of 35 poems, called “Fragments for the 35W Bridge.” The poems are part of an installation at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis and an audio composition by European artist Maja Spasova.”

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