American Dreamers Flag BASIC VERTICAL



FROM THE CREATOR, poet Todd Boss:

This multi-cultural interpretation of the U.S. flag honors people of all colors who make up America — from the indigenous peoples whose names grace our lands and waterways, to the international students whose innovations will power the future. The traditional design remains intact—50 states and 13 colonies are still here — with an added salute to the diverse people who work, volunteer, create, and serve in those states, represented by skin-toned stars. In patriotism, this flag pays respect to our powerful heritage as a nation of all races — pioneers, poets, preachers, and presidents — who have made America great.

Measures 3 x 5 feet, with metal grommets, digitally printed on polyester.  Right-side/wrong-side mirror images on the reverse make this flag especially suitable for vertical display.  If you’re hanging your flag horizontally or aslant from a pole, please consider our two-side flag option here. For custom sizes, please e-mail us. Made in a shithole country.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

We also offer a deluxe version of this flag here.

20% of sales will be donated to the ACLU.  (c) 2017 Todd Boss, all rights reserved.