Todd Boss, poet

Have screening. Will travel.

Last night I drove three hours north from the Twin Cities to the tiny log cabin library in Cable, Wisconsin, where 15 people had come out of the woods on a Thursday night to hear me read my poetry and show a few motionpoems. I’ve read my poetry and screened Motionpoems’ films for groups of hundreds, but I love doing events like these where I can get to know individual audience members and get their feedback on the work. Read the rest of this entry »

Moving poems. Moving.

On October 25th, I’ll be joined by Motionpoems co-founder Angella Kassube and Best American Poetry series editor David Lehman to present a collaborative series of 12 poetry films inspired by poems in BAP’s 2011 volume.

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Flipping cool.

Animated poetry in a hand-held device!

Designer / animator Angella Kassube has turned my short poem “God Flips” into a bound paper flip book! How flipping cool is that? Angella’s my co-directing partner at Motionpoems, she’s a typeface junkie like me, and she loves making things move. 

It’s old-school animation… in a mobile device! Read the rest of this entry »

I’m covered.

Here’s the cover of my second poetry collection, PITCH, due out in February 2012 from W. W. Norton & Company.

It was a shock to see it, at first. PITCH is a collection of poems that spiral from a specific event: the time that my father lost the family piano off the back of his pickup truck when I was 12. The accident took place at the very rural, heavily forested corner of County Highway NL and State Highway 27, just east of Fall Creek, Wisconsin.

But this piano, in this picture? This here’s a city piano. I doubt it’s ever seen a field or woods. Read the rest of this entry »

Commission me.

Some things are just plain hard to express. It doesn’t matter if you’re a poet or not: When something happens that touches the poetry part of our brains, we don’t always know how to access or explain it. But we know it has value; we feel it like a weight or an urge or a pressure. We ask ourselves, “What does it mean?” and “Why is it important?”

I like to work with people to discover the hidden meanings in their lives, and to use poetry to pinpoint and articulate those hidden meanings.

I can be hired to write a poem for you. Read the rest of this entry »


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