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Todd is available readings, signings, presentations, classes, lectures about public art, Motionpoems screenings, and more. Want to learn more about or get information on how to commission or book him for an event? Feel free to reach out through the contact form on the left or connect with us on social media.

Find Todd on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, or visit his calendar page for upcoming events. Or find Todd on Patreon and become a patron for exclusive updates and content!


On working with Todd:

It was several years ago that Todd read at UNC. Aside from the poems, which I love, the combination of humor and heart break, clarity and complexity in the evocations of human attachment, whether between husband and wife or parent and child, what I remember most is the response of the hundred or so members of the audience, mostly students but a good number of faculty as well, all of whom sat spellbound through the reading. The halls of the English department were buzzing with excitement for days after Todd left. It seems like the quality of the work reflects the quality of the life lived: like the poems, Todd is personable, warm, funny, off beat and accessible. A tough combination to beat.  –Alan Shapiro, poet