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Me, on the cover of The Lutheran? Lord help us.

Ever since Anne Basye’s article about me in The Lutheran last October, I’ve wanted to share my poetry with congregations. Last month, Hervey Evans, a parishioner at Mount Olivet UCC in Saint Paul, who commissioned me to write a love poem to his wife a few years ago, invited me to spend an hour with his congregation.

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Commission me.

Some things are just plain hard to express. It doesn’t matter if you’re a poet or not: When something happens that touches the poetry part of our brains, we don’t always know how to access or explain it. But we know it has value; we feel it like a weight or an urge or a pressure. We ask ourselves, “What does it mean?” and “Why is it important?”

I like to work with people to discover the hidden meanings in their lives, and to use poetry to pinpoint and articulate those hidden meanings.

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