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Back in pencil.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMinneapolis calligrapher / book restorer Dennis Ruud has created this limited-edition broadside of my poem “The World Is In Pencil,” first published in Poetry magazine. The broadsides are being made to order, one-at-a-time, in shaved carpenter’s pencil, until the calligrapher cries uncle. Each one a unique original. You can order yours now. You might remember a previous edition by Emily Snyder, which recently SOLD OUT.

The pieces are 11″ x 17″, on Stonehenge paper, a high quality archival  paper with some tooth. The red pencil “border lines” come from a medieval geometry for laying out book page margins (double page openings) and text placement.  The title and “Todd Boss” are done with bookbinders brass type a letter at a time. The title is blind stamped then rubbed over with colored conte crayons and graphite stick. Main text is graphite carpenter’s pencil. The three red highlighted words are acrylic ink and pen. “Todd Boss” is stamped through graphite paper (it’s like carbon paper). The smudgy smokey stuff along the side is graphite powder smeared around with broom corn. The whole thing is sprayed with fixative when completed to keep it from smearing. Numbered. Signed by poet and artist. Will ship flat. Suitable for framing. $140 plus $10 shipping.

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Today It Seemed I Had Nothing to Say

At the annual conference of the Associated Writers and Writing Programs this year, I had the joy of encountering this beautiful 7 x 7 broadside of my poem, “Today It Seemed I Had Nothing to Say,” letterpress printed by Kerri Cushman with a woodcut by JJ Eisfelder in a numbered edition of 100. It was printed for me by the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review where the poem, now collected in Pitch, first appeared.

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Something new to chew on.

This month I brushed up on my letterpress skills and took a beginners’ class at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. The result is this edition of 40 broadsides. Currently SOLD OUT.

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I’ve been broadsided.

This poem, to be published in POETRY in November, is now available as a hand-penciled broadside by calligrapher Emily Snyder (“Queen Quills“).  Groovy, ain’t it?
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