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PITCH (W. W. Norton, 2012)
available in hardcover: $24.95 (ISBN 978-0-393-08103-9)

WINNER:  Midwest Bookseller’s Choice Award in Poetry, 2012

FINALIST: Minnesota Book Award 2013


“There is a rich physicality in all of Todd Boss’s poems, a reverent  gusto for representing the tactile aspects of human life. His poems are about matter in motion—apple-slices, Chopin, horses, light, and people. What makes Boss much more than a journalist is the great adroitness and physicality with which sound bounces around inside his language, in strong rhyme, all kinds of rhythm, and formal games. The poems in Pitch are never pretentious but always acrobatic, sensuous, technically inventive, muscular and fun.”
Tony Hoagland

“PITCH is pitch perfect, thanks to that music which has been so slyly and beautifully the particular genius of Todd Boss, beginning with his first book YELLOWROCKET. This is a music deeply encoded in heart and soul. If the book’s temporal concerns are  21st century pleasures and anxieties, its underlying themes are the timeless ones poetry has responded to since its beginnings: love, family, nature, death, the amazed bewilderment at the heart of being human. In PITCH, Boss recreates the world as a music– one thinks of Frost, of Kay Ryan–that undoes us even as it enchants us. What a pleasure this book is: what a gift.”
Jim Moore

“A poem by Todd Boss will often delight me, amuse me, stir me, surprise me, and startle me. All that from a single poem, from almost any poem. What seems to promise something commonplace ends up offering something profound, an unexpected insight in the slightest turn of phrase.”
Robert Root

YELLOWROCKET (W. W. Norton, 2008)
now in paperback: $14.95 (ISBN 978-0-393-06768-2)

FINALIST: Minnesota Book Award 2009

FINALIST: Midwest Bookseller’s Choice Award, 2009

CITATION: Virginia Quarterly Review’s top 10 poetry books of 2008


“Todd Boss is going to be a poetry all-star … he can make any rhyme feel like a concealed weapon. This book is sure to be a classic.”
Sherman Alexie

“You can almost feel the hair on your neck rising as you read … If you buy only one book of poetry this year, make it Yellowrocket.”
Christian Science Monitor

“Yellowrocket is more that a book to admire. It is to read and reread, illuminating the distances between what’s heard and what’s understood.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Boss may truly be the up-and-coming master of internal rhyme … an ambitious first book.”
Georgia Review