Me, on the cover of The Lutheran? Lord help us.

by Todd Boss, poet

Ever since Anne Basye’s article about me in The Lutheran last October, I’ve wanted to share my poetry with congregations. Last month, Hervey Evans, a parishioner at Mount Olivet UCC in Saint Paul, who commissioned me to write a love poem to his wife a few years ago, invited me to spend an hour with his congregation.

It was a great hour. How refreshing it is to talk with people about faith, having neither to mince words nor suffer atheists! (Don’t get me wrong, I adore atheists, I find their reason-based approach to mystical issues totally hilarious.) It brought me back to my college days at Saint Olaf, where thoughtful debate about religious questions is commonplace. Nothing beats an honest, open-hearted conversation about the big mysteries that beguile us.

Hervey introduced me by (surprise) reading an article I forgot I’d written several years ago for the Best American Poetry blog. I read my poems and talked about my own limited conception of a creator god—the god of contradiction, whose world is in pencil—and the ongoing discussion was tremendous.

I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken with a more engaged, conscious, hard-thinking, or appreciative audience. Thanks, Mount Olivet, for keeping the spirit of spiritual inquiry alive!