I’ve been broadsided.

by Todd Boss, poet

This poem, to be published in POETRY in November, is now available as a hand-penciled broadside by calligrapher Emily Snyder (“Queen Quills“).  Groovy, ain’t it?

Each piece is hand-lettered and hand-colored on 13×20 archival paper and sprayed with fixative to keep it from smearing. Yours will arrive in a mailing tube, and will be suitable for framing.

I wrote this poem after buying a fresh sketchbook. I started drawing, but soon (alas!) I was writing, and savoring the forgotten childhood joys of writing with graphite pencil. It occurred to me what an illusion of permanence ink presents the artist, and that stirred me to a fresh appreciation of the fact that everything in the world is a draft, the Creator perhaps less creator than experimenter.

So it’s neat to see this poem in pencil, rendered with a nod to the same impermanence that inspired it.

E-mail me if you’d like to have a copy for yourself. They run $125 plus shipping.  SORRY: THIS BROADSIDE IS NOW SOLD OUT.