I’m covered.

by Todd Boss, poet

Here’s the cover of my second poetry collection, PITCH, due out in February 2012 from W. W. Norton & Company.

It was a shock to see it, at first. PITCH is a collection of poems that spiral from a specific event: the time that my father lost the family piano off the back of his pickup truck when I was 12. The accident took place at the very rural, heavily forested corner of County Highway NL and State Highway 27, just east of Fall Creek, Wisconsin.

But this piano, in this picture? This here’s a city piano. I doubt it’s ever seen a field or woods.

This piano didn’t fall from anywhere. It was placed on this sidewalk, carefully, by piano movers. A moving van is idling just beyond the frame.

This piano is not an upright, like the one that landed in snowbank and brambles that night. It’s a grand.

Don’t get me wrong: I love this cover for lots of reasons… I love its sinuous shapes and colors. I love how exposed the piano’s strings are. I love how the building behind seems to curve away in a haze.

It’s really hard to have someone affix a cover to your work.

Let me know what you think.