Commission me.

by Todd Boss, poet

Some things are just plain hard to express. It doesn’t matter if you’re a poet or not: When something happens that touches the poetry part of our brains, we don’t always know how to access or explain it. But we know it has value; we feel it like a weight or an urge or a pressure. We ask ourselves, “What does it mean?” and “Why is it important?”

I like to work with people to discover the hidden meanings in their lives, and to use poetry to pinpoint and articulate those hidden meanings.

I can be hired to write a poem for you. It can work in various ways. I can work with you by phone or in person. You tell me your story, and, over time, I present you with a poem. It can be for you personally, a gift for a loved one, or a public gesture, whatever you like.

In 2008, a poem I wrote on commission, “A Deer,” even landed in my first poetry collection, Yellowrocket.

I have written for numerous “clients” on commission, and the process is always lively, stimulating, and richly rewarding. Let me know if you’d like references.

Commissions start at $500.